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Melbourne Playback - Celebrating 30 years

By Mike McEvoy Posted: Wed Nov 9, 2011

Next month we celebrate the company's 30th birthday with a short season at the Malthouse. Here's a statement from me and my colleagues. Plus some links to articles.

Artistic Directors' Statement

It is a great honour to be a part of Melbourne Playback Theatre Company at this point in it's history. 30 years is a long time for any organisation, but for a theatre company run collectively by its members without Government funding, this is a particularly impressive achievement. Our work is all about celebrating and illuminating the stories of people, communities and organisations. So as we pause to celebrate this milestone, it is fitting that we reflect on the many stories that make up our own history.

We pay tribute to Jonathan Fox & Jo Salas, the founders of the playback theatre form, and to Mary Good and Melbourne Playback Theatre's first ensemble members who set the foundations for this successful company. It is a credit to the culture of the company and to the dedication of each generation of members that Melbourne Playback has achieved so much. (At last count, only 62 performers have been members in the company's history. Of the current troupe of 15, the average length of service is almost 7 years!)

We also pay tribute to the community of supporters that have grown around the company over these 30 years; audience members, clients, advocates, workshop participants. These people have enthusiastically embraced our work and provided us with two elements essential for playback theatre; audience and stories. And there has been no shortage of stories. We have performed in theatres, performing arts centres, conference centres, school halls, community centres and board rooms all over the state for an enormous range of people. Our clients include major players in the corporate sector, Government departments, community organisations, schools and even individuals looking for a unique way to celebrate their 60th birthday. We estimate that Melbourne Playback Theatre has performed over 1,200 performances and transformed over 5,000 stories for over 65,000 audience members since it was formed in 1981.

2011 is an exciting time in the company's history. We boast an ensemble of highly talented and respected performing artists and theatre-makers who continue to refine and investigate the playback theatre form and the theatrical possibilities of storytelling. Over the past 5 years we have been through a phase of steady growth, and a residency at Auspicious Arts Incubator helped us improve our business operations. Significantly, this year we welcome the company's first administrative employee, Sherridan Green, as our inaugural Company Manager.

With a history built on the strength of story, we look to the future with the same excited anticipation that only a good story can provide.


Andrew Gray, Petra Kalive & Mike McEvoy

Artistic Directors

Melbourne Playback Theatre Company


"Director David Myles counterpoints the anti-naturalistic architecture with magnificently compressed naturalistic acting - Marisa Warrington and Mike McEvoy are supurb. "

- Cameron Woodhead - 'I Start Again' 2006 - THE AGE

"  Mike's talents are exceptional. As a performer he has the ability to take on complex character roles. He embodies characters with intelligence, humour, great physicality and sensitivity.   "

- Susie Dee - Director & Actor